The Webb Ellis Trophy

Sourcing — The Rugby World Cup

In 1986 John Kendall Carpenter, the Chairman of the committee organising the 1987 World Cup, along with Air Commander Bob Weighill, visited Richard Jarvis who was then a Director at Garrard at 112 Regent Street.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the trophy brief for the inaugural tournament, although clearly the IRB had something particular in mind. Very quickly it was established that rather than take the design and production route, they wanted to source an existing high quality trophy very much in the traditional mould.

When I showed the delegation a stunning silver 1906 gilt Cup and Cover from the company’s estate collection of trophies John Kendall Carpenter declared in his own words “I knew I had found what I was looking for”. The rest is history.

The Sourcing process

If it’s not the bespoke commission route you wish to take, we are able to provide a range of existing estate pieces, suitable for presentation purposes for you to view. Whether it’s a Sporting Trophy or a Corporate Award, all items sourced by us will be of the very highest quality and suitable for engraving or further embellishment if required.

Sterling Silver Ski Chalet